Client Testimonials

Ali B

I cannot say enough about my experience with you. You were like a nightlight on a very dark night while I explored the world of first-time home ownership. From our very first phone call though the days long past closing, you were nothing but a steady guiding light. Your knowledge, patience, and guidance were, and still are, incredibly valued. I knew that I could always call/email you and get an immediate response to a question, a reassuring word, or a patient ear. You went far above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that my experience was smooth and positive. Thank you.

Amit P

Thanks and its has been a great experience. The way Joe and team handled all this was phenomenal. Thanks for the support, keep up the good work.

Bill Milletary – Realtor

It was great working with you folks; very professional.  Yes I hope we can work together again.

Bob O.

Joe and his team were professional, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with during my difficult time. It was a pleasure working with you.

Carla S.

I was fortunate to find Joe Doman while doing a search on the Web for “short sale specialists”. I recently got married and needed to sell my primary residence.  I was very apprehensive since I was told that it could be a long and grueling process.  I contacted Joe and he spoke to me immediately about the process.  He has very good and informative documentation about the short sale process which helped us tremendously. We sold our house in within 6 months.

Joe did a great job walking us through the short-sale process and took care of all of the details with the bank, the buyer and the buyer’s agent.  I would recommend using Joe for any real estate needs especially for a short sale.  Thank you again Joe for your professionalism and I will definitely call you for all of our real estate needs!

Carla S.

Dallon C.

We will make sure to send friends your way for buying/selling their homes.  Thanks for all your effort on our behalf.

Dean S.

I wanted to take a second and also send out a quick thank you. I couldn’t imagine this process being any easier and smoother for Eric and I than it was. Everyone involved was top-notch, and we really appreciate everyone’s help on this. Like Eric said – as soon as we get settled in, we would definitely like to have everyone over to celebrate.

So thanks again, you all made a huge difference.

Dean S.
Federal Account Representative | Dod & Intel

Debbie Wicker

Rainee & Joe,

It’s been my pleasure working with you all, as well!  I will very much look forward to doing so again in the future.  Thanks so much for all of your great work!


Eric P.

We just wanted to thank everyone regarding the recent purchase of our townhouse in Brambleton.  We couldn’t asked for a better group of people to work with or for the process to have gone any smoother.  We will let you know when the place is setup and would love to have you all over for some food/drinks, etc.

Thanks again!

Eric P.
Staff Accountant/Not-For-Profit Industry Group

Imran M.

You have done the excellent job for me. I am very happy and thankful to all of you.
Special thanks for all Elmendorf’s Team.  And also special thanks for my realtor. I never seen hard work and professional realtor like, Joe Doman, (Yes, Joe knows Virginia)
and Beth Doman, I really like your best hard work and excellent team work. God bless all of you. Thanks again all of you.

Imran M.

Joan Tunstall – Realtor

Thank you.  My clients are happy.  I enjoyed working with Joe & you & look forward to working with you again.

John P.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joe Doman in the Tech-Mar clinics and he showed a great aptitude for online marketing and helping his clients achieve their real estate objectives through the internet. I would highly recommend Joe Doman to anyone in the Ashburn VA area!

Karen E.

Thank you for your hard work. Your connections and relationships with people are the only way this got done on time. Trust me when I say other realtors fall flat of their promises that their lenders or title can complete such a task on time. Thank them as well for me.

Thank you thank you thank you

Karen Emmons
Beazer Homes, Overlook at Brambleton

Katie C.

You were awesome to work with– we appreciate it.

Lauren Flannagan

You are a pleasure to work with and you are an incredible agent (who goes WAY above and beyond for your clients (and us)).

Leighia G

I was referred to Joe by a client of mine and assured me he was great, and indeed he is. From the moment I met him, i had this feeling of security and assurance that he would get the job done. Joe is so calm and relaxing, and that made me at ease. My experience has been so wonderful every step of the way. Joe and his team made my process so painless, I will be ever grateful. Thank you.

I meant to say forever grateful. Thanks.

Lisa E

Thank you! I couldn’t be happier with Joe and the rest of the team. I have been casually looking for the past 4 or 5 years, and Joe very patiently would take me to see a property or two, here and there, until I found exactly what I wanted. Once I did he took care of every detail, followed up on every question I had, returned every phone call, text and email and never left me wondering what was happening. The thing that impressed me the most occurred during the home inspection. Every item the inspector questioned or found fault, Joe was immediately on the phone finding someone who could do further evaluation. The day after the inspection he managed to get a structural engineer and two contractors on site all at the same time to provide me with estimates for future work. Every time I expressed an idea about something I might want to do, he was always ready with a name and number. His recommendations have proved to be quite excellent.

I can’t say I’m anxious to go through this process again any time soon, but if I do it will be with Joe. I will recommend him to anyone looking for an agent, as will my mother — and it’s extremely difficult to impress her!

I can’t think of a thing you need to take care of at this point, but I appreciate knowing that you all are available if I do. Thank you very much for everything you handled over the past couple of months. I love my new place!

Michael and Heather

In uncertain times, my wife and I found ourselves trying to navigate an unstable real estate market.  A relocation forced us to confront sooner, what we had hoped would rebound later.  We discovered our home’s devaluation had not only consumed our equity but was now threatening our financial future, as well.  We needed an agent with experience in past/present markets but with the tenacity and savvy to identify the nuances of the evolving-market.  Thankfully, we setup a consultation with Joe Doman.  Joe’s knowledge, scope of experience and work ethic were striking.  His professional efforts in assisting us were impressive, but his personal interest in helping us was astounding.  Our house is now sold and we’ve moved on in our lives.  We give Joe and his team the credit and, along with it, our highest recommendation.

Joe Fissmer – Realtor

By the way, this was the easiest short-sale I’ve ever had.  You know what you’re doing.  Thanks for keeping everything so smooth.

Valorie R.

Hi Joe.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to you for all your hard work.  You have truly been a blessing in this whole process.  I know it takes lots of hardwork and dedication and through it all you made me feel like I was a valued client.  I will never forget you, nor the work that you have done on behalf of short sale.  I will be sure to refer other to you.

Please tell Rainee that I said thank you as well.


Good Morning and Thanks!  Yes, we are happy and can’t ask more than this. This has been accomplished in such a short period. Without Steve and Joe quick response we can’t achieved this. Thanks!

Misty & Michael P.

My husband and I are truly grateful to Joe and his team for helping us out of a very difficult financial situation. We are humbled by the time and effort and dedication that Joe and his team put forth to help us deal with the overwhelming pressures of both Financial Banks involved and the Short sale. I honestly would not know what to do or be able to have handle the situation without their guidance and support. When faced with such an enormous odds, they made it possible for us to start over. It was a long process and seemed like it would go on forever but I will always be grateful to Joe & Rainee and anyone else involved behind the scenes that made it possible for us to get out of that situation. I would highly recommend Joe Doman and his team to anyone I know!